bloop Nail Polish H527 Glossy Pink Review


Hello buddies! Happy Belated Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! Hope some of you got good deals today. I'm suppose to live this post last few weeks and unfortunately, I forgot about it ._.

I received a parcel from HiShop with bloop nail polish and nail strip, so here I am, going to show off my short fingers again for bloop nail polish. 

You can see bloop nail polish in most of the drugstores such as Watsons and Guardians, with a variety types of nail polishes including Sandy Nail Polish and Crack Nail Polish. 

The on I received is Glossy Pink H527. It claimed to dry quicker and long lasting. As the name says it all, it gives a glossy effects to your nails. 

The brush is in good size to cover the nails evenly and it is easy to control.

Closer look without flash 
I applied two coats and it dries up quickly and applies evenly. In fact, I was waiting for my game to load finish while I was applying this nail polish. It around 3 minutes to dry up two coats completely. 

Closer look with flash
It will look better with top coat but I have none so it would not see a very nice coating there. 

Rating : ★★★☆☆
Brand : bloop
Where to purchase : HiShop and most drugstores

In fact, I love the color. It is in neon pink and gives a sweet look to the nails. Though I’m not a pink lover but this pink attracts me because of its glossy look. It dries up easily and takes not more than 5 minutes for second coat to dry. However, I’ve used OPI before so I still think OPI is easier to apply and spread more evenly compared to bloop.



Disclaimer: Product is sponsored but review is based on my personal opinion.

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