My Beauty Resolutions on year 2014


Few more days and it is year 2014!
Not quite sure to be happy no or because I'm happy that it is a new year for new milestones, but I'm sad because I grow older wtf. 
Come to think of it, I haven't review what I had done successfully this year. Well, before moving on and think brighter for future, I would like to share my beauty resolutions for year 2014. 

1. I want to have flawless skin!
Eh, when you reach my age, all you ever think of is to try every method you could to look younger. I wanted to have flawless skin ever since I had acne problems few years back. These pimples just can't stop visiting me and leaving their pathetic scars on the face. As the saying goes, the right skin care products are the assets for your skin. So I'm currently finding skin care products with organic ingredients and chemical-free so I can have baby skin again~

2. Collect more cosmetics! 
I'm not good at drawing colorful lives on my face, so most of the time you will be seeing me looking dull or pale, or even a very normal girl wearing specs wandering around lol. I do love cosmetics, and every time I see them I have the urge to get them but later, I will be keeping them i the drawer or throw them aside because I don't really use them at all times. Still, I love cosmetics because they help me to boost my confidence and be more of myself. I would love to have cosmetics which give a hint of natural colors to my face, without any artificial colouring ingredients in the cosmetics. 

3. Keep Calm and Work Out!
Oh gosh, I have no idea why am I being such a lazy bum. I want 6 packs and a balanced body shape ever since I found out myself getting fatter (and fatter and fatter...). I know I'm thin but you have yet to see my unbalanced body shape, I guess exercise is the only way to have a well defined body shape. 

4. Sleep earlier to avoid becoming a panda
It is freaking hard to sleep earlier! I have so much temptations at home after working hours. I have my Desktop in my room which eventually I will start playing games and browse nonsense websites for entertainment. I will tend to forget my sleeping time and become a panda the next day. My eye bags are worrying me because I can see them becoming another pair of eyes wtf. Or~ Maybe there are some magical eye creams that solve my problems?

Ok, that pretty much sums up my beauty resolutions for year 2014. I have something in mind for my resolutions 1 and 2, that is the Yadah products. 
(Hint: I'm using one of their essence and it works really good~)
If you haven't heard of Yadah, here is a brief introduction for you. 
Yadah is a range of botanical skin care products targeted for teenagers and young adults. They are using natural plant ingredients to provide gentle yet effective solutions for sensitive and troubled skins.  

And you might be wondering what is Yadah? Now here's a quick bio-data of Yadah. Both of them even made videos together~ Isn't that sweet? 
Pssss... I hope this is not too late: The Butterfly Project and Yadah are inviting you to celebrate New Year together! It's simple, just click on this LINK and see how can you join us!

Special thanks to:

The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers


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