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So, I am back with a skin care review. It's been some times for me to do a product review so here it is, product review on NUXE paris. 
I came to know NUXE when SaSa introduced Huile Prodigieux Multi-usage Dry Oil. From the design I thought it was a perfume but apparently I was cheated with its design. Instead, it is a multi-usage dry oil where you can apply it anywhere on your body to enhance your skin condition. Since then, I got to know NUXE and its premium skin care products. 

Just not long ago there was a blogger event on introducing three new anti-aging skincare line however, I wasn't able to attend it. I was surprised with a huge parcel arrived at my house and wala! NUXE sent me a few of the newly launch products for review purposes. 

I do not have all three ranges of anti-aging products with me however, I will show the texture of selected products from each range. 

Nuxellence® Jeunesse is the 1st revealing fluid that repairs Mitochondrial DNA to lastingly re-charge skin. Mitochondrial DNA is important as it helps to re-charge the skin on producing collagen, elastin etc. With Nuxellence® Jeunesse, There are 10 new patents of ingredients can be found:
  1. Passionflower Extract, Anchusa Extract and Poppy Extract have the abilities to repair Mitochondiral DNA
  2. Calendula Petals, Aracarla Seeds, Hyaluronic Acid and Galanga Leaves help to diminish and smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  3. Maca Root, Cocoa Cells and Olive Leaves can restore the skin's youthful radiance
  4. Optical Corrective Pigments enhance the skin's beauty by soften and conceal imperfections
Nuxellence® Jeunesse can be combined with another anti-aging care to increase the effectiveness on the appearance of younger looking skin. You can use this product before applying moisturizer.
It is in light pink texture that leaves a hydrating feel on the skin. It has light scent with the mixture of different flower extracts.

The design for the pump is special. You would need to twist the cover in order for the pump to appear. It's like "Magic"! You would need to only press once as this pump design is dedicated to deliver the right amount of cream. 

Nirvanesque® Anti-Aging skincare line is formulated based on Floral Neurocosmetics concept, which is used in treating for skin stress sensation, tensions and first expression lines. 
Blue Lotus Seeds, Poppy Seeds and Althea Root are the key ingredients to smooth, de-stress and relax the tensed skin. 
Calmosensine®, a powerful peptide is added to relax and illuminate the skin. 
Finally, Amarath proteins and Hyaluronic Acid help to energise and moisturize skin, instantly smoothen, lift and fill out fine lines.  
There are three products in Nirvanesque® Anti-Aging skincare line:
  • Creme Nirvanesque® Visible Expression Line Cream (For All Skin Types) 50ml
  • Creme Nirvanesque® Enrichie Visible Expression Line Cream (For Very Dry Skin) 50ml
  • Nirvanesque® Contour des Yeux - First Expression Lines Eye Contour Cream 15ml
The one I'm having here is Nirvanesque® Creme. Though it is cream based, it is not heavy and surprisingly, it doesn't leave an oily feeling. I always have the impression where anti-aging skincare products are oily-based. After the application, it gives a smooth and matte surface to the skin. This cream can be used on day and night, giving sufficient hydration to the skin. 

Merveillance® Anti_Aging skincare line is created to provide precise corrective actions on visible expression lines. 
Natural Wheat-derived Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres fill in expression lines. 
Oak Extracts and Althea Root smooth the epidermis layer of skin.
Calendula Officinalis, Mimosa Seeds and Malt Extracts encourage firming for plumper and younger looking skin. 
There are three products in Merveillance® Anti_Aging skincare line:
  • Merveillance® Serum Visible Expression Line Face and Eye Contour 30ml
  • Merveillance® Enrichie Visible Expression Line Crème for Dry Skin 50ml
  • Fluide Merveillance® Visible Expression Lines Fluid 50ml
I received Merveillance® Serum. Unlike those serum out there, this serum is in cream-based texture and doesn't leave a sticky feeling too. It has slight Green Tea scent and it feels refreshing after the application. Instead of feeling sticky or wet on the skin, this serum leaves a matte surface yet hydrating feel after application. 

Nuxuriance® Anti-Aging skincare line aims to treat the signs of aging on mature skin such as loss of density, pigmentation, wrinkles and loss of radiance. 
Hyaluronic Acid and Tetrapeptide Dermican are found in the ingredients to fill in fine lines and strengthen collagen fibres. 
Araucaria seeds, Maca Root and Bakau Plant Extract are added for firming action, anti-dark circles and anti-brown spots effect. 
Plant Caffeine is also present to provide anti-puffiness action.
  • Nuxuriance® Anti-Aging skincare line has four products: 
  • Nuxuriance® Serum Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Concentrated Serum 30ml
  • Nuxuriance® Serum Anti-Aging Re-Densifying  Emulsion 50ml
  • Nuxuriance® Intense Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Cream 50ml
  • Nuxuriance® Yeux & Lèvres Eye and Lip Global Anti-Aging Cream 15ml
I am happy to receive this because my eye cream is finishing LOL. It is in cream-based texture and the scent is addictive. Well, it has this kind of corn syrup scent and I am quite liking with the scent. I have serious dark circles and fine lines whenever I smile so this product might help to solve my problem. One small dot is enough to apply on both under eye areas. I personally feel it is more hygienic of using pump design products. 

Among of all I prefer Nuxellence® Jeunesse. I haven't see much of the changes to my face yet however, I do love the radiance of my skin after first application. I would apply it before my moisturizer and massage it evenly to my face. The moisturizer absorbed even better and easy to glide onto the face. Besides, I am entering the age of wearing anti-aging products so I think this is a good start for me to take good care of my skin before it is too late. 

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Disclaimer: These products were sent by Nuxe for review purpose. However, the statement written in the blog post is my own opinions.  

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