bloop Duo Candy Lipstick 01 - Natural Brown Review


As you know, I do not like lip make up because I tend to eat them LOL. Though lip makeup enhances your look however, it is hard for me to pull out those bright colors.
Another thing is, I don't like to bring cosmetics with me at all times, unless it is a lip balm.
bloop recently came out with this design and it is pretty interesting to see such a compact packaging consists of lipstick and lip gloss. Moreover, it is more convenient as you do not need to bring separate lipstick and lip gloss.
Compact duo packaging with lipstick and lip gloss is exactly what a woman needs. Well, at least it works pretty well for me. Why bring so many makeups with you while you can have a 2 in 1 packaging for lipstick and lip gloss? Save the hassle and space darling, you can put something else in your bag. 


Rich matte texture
Safe & long lasting
Hydrates & moisturizes
Smooth & even application
Reduces the appearance of fine lines

The lipstick. This is a common design, except the cover is attached together with the container. 

The lipstick is in matte texture. It is matte finishing however, it does have moisturize effect and I do not feel the dryness on my lips. The lips would need to prep beforehand else you will feel the unevenness on your lips after the application.
The clear lip gloss. Lip gloss is sticky but it is more watery compared to my other lip gloss. 

You can use this alone on your daily wear because it looks natural yet gives a hint of shines to your lips. However, avoid putting too many layers unless you want to have a pair of shiny sausages hanging on your face.  
Wearing lip makeup can be quite a hassle task too. You can achieve different look just by changing your lip colors. Here are some little tips for you to pull off your lip makeup perfectly: 
  • Prep your lips with lip balm before applying any lip make up. Lip balm can act as a base.
  • Use a soft lip brush to apply lipstick evenly to the lips.
  • Apply thin layer at the center of the lips for a plumper look.
  • If you have heavy eye makeup, be sure to have light lip makeup.
  • After put on lip gloss, absorb excess by pressing the mouth on a sheet of tissue. 
  • If you are using a lipstick, try to place your forefinger into your mouth and tighten your lips around your finger before pulling your finger out with a pop. 
Now let's see how bloop Duo Candy Lipstick looks on my lips.
  1. Bare lips with Burt's Bee BeeWax
  2. Lips with Lip gloss = A smoother and shinier lips
  3. Lips with Lipstick = Nude color with matte finishing and hydrating feel
  4. Lips with Lip gloss and Lipstick = Nude color with smoother and shinier lips. 

Here is the final look of the lipstick and lip gloss. It looks natural instead of deep brown color that I thought. 
Come, let me end my post with this smexy pair of lips. 
Ok la just joking, I just love this angle of my lips. 

Rating : ★★★☆☆
Price: RM38.00

The color given to me is natural brown and it resembles to the nude colors. It is great to achieve natural makeup look. I love the compactness as you do not need to bring so many lip makeups around. Moreover, the packaging is unique and user-friendly. There aren't much color choices available so I think it would be great to have more colors.

Disclaimer: The product was sponsored however the review is based on personal opinion.

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