Tammy's Birthday Celebration with Häagen-Dazs, Solaris Mont Kiara


A quick update from my side as I am quite busy with gaming these days HAHAHA. I've tried to focus on blogging but I'd still failed to do it because the game I'm currently playing is too addictive. Now just a little recap of where I've been during New Year. 
01 January is Tammy aka Mama-chan aka the founder of The Butterflly Project's Birthday. Instead of celebrating with her friends and family, she invited the Butterflies to her birthday celebration at Häagen-Dazs. 
Oh well, it was a ice cream party and I still can't forget the awesomeness of the chocolate fondue. 

Now let me introduce Tammy, our Mama-chan for The Butterfly Project
She is the one who guides and nurtures the Butterflies. She helps the Butterflies to find their passion through blogging, and from then, she is happy to see her Butterflies successful in blogging. 
Kudos to her hardwork and Butterfly's community team. Without them, there will not be any Butterflies would have been so close to each other now. Thanks to her, I've created a lot of bonds with bloggers and learn so much things from them. 

The ice cream party was held at Häagen-Dazs, Solaris Mont Kiara. It wasn't hard to find that place but it is a "atas" place with a lot of "atas" restaurants and cafes. 

This is Choulyin photobomb behind me. She has a ninja cat named Glenn at home. 

The place was well decorated with simple props and yet, looked merrier as it should be. 

The Birthday Party started with a mini card game, whereby you need to reunion with  your own "family member". The Butterflies went GaGa over it lol.  

This is the team who won the mini game. Each of them were given a bag of Sephora product as a reward. 

Right after the mini game, we sang a Birthday song to our beloved Mama-chan. 

This Starry Christmas cake was from 2013 Christmas Cakes. We were lucky to still having it on New Year because it was Mama-Chan's Birthday. This is way better than the ice creme cake from the brand B. 

The Butterflies were asked to draw or write anything on a piece of paper. Well you can see clearly who are the artists here. 

It is time for the main course - Festive Fondue!
There's 16 mini scoops of ice cream with different flavours, sliced fruits and biscuits for you to chew!
You wouldn't be able to find this at any Häagen-Dazs store now as this is specially out for Christmas. So maybe this year it will return? Who knows right?

Tammy even prepared custom made chocolate for each of us to enjoy~ Thank you so much for you love~

Presenting you the mad bloggers. Or rather the one opening her mouth (Amelie).

Took the chance to take photos with everyone I met. 

Thank you so much for the invitation and it was a good start for year 2014.
Kudos to these people below!

Butterfly Project Malaysia
Instagram: #butterflymsia


Ending my post with my outfit of the day #ootd

Flowery top - F Block
Short pants - Brands Outlet
Flat - Jelly Bunny
Bag pack - Bershka

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