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I have no idea when did I go Namoo Cafe with bunch of friends but it is an interesting place to dine in Korea dishes.
Ahem~ Before I spoil your eyes with delicious food, I'm going to tell a little grandmother's story. It is rather hard to maintain my blog ever since I started my working life because I will get tired for using my brain too much LOL. I have been trying to catch up as much as possible with friends in blogging circles, unfortunately a working lady has not much choices for interesting events. PR~ Why are the events are on weekdays~ Well, I will try my best to review stuffs that I love every now and then, so give me a little support yea~ 

Now back to Namoo Cafe. It is located in Publika, KL and it is a different dining experience with the Korean food we have known. 

As the phrase said, "Authentic Korean with a Modern Twist", there are a lot of traditional Korean Food (the common one that we eat most of the time) being prepared with new recipe. 

Garlic Bulgogi Rice RM19.90
This is my favourite! I dare not to say this is the best garlic Bulgogi rice but so far, this is the best I had. Anyone can recommend nom nom place for garlic Bulgogi rice? 
The beef given were a lot more than I expected and the garlic smell was at its best, not too heavy nor too light. It didn't leave a strong garlic smell after the meal but the taste sure lingered in the mouth for some time. 

Kimchi Tang with rice RM17.90
It wasn't that bad after all. The combination of Kimchi and soup match perfectly as the soup doesn't make the Kimchi tasteless. It might be a little weird for me to have Kimchi with soup but this is  a new form of eating Kimchi, I presume? 

Kimchi Beef Burger RM21.90
Who would have thought of making a Kimchi Beef Burger wtf? But the beef is awesome. The portion is huge enough for a person's diet but if you have small appetite, you can share this with another friend. The beef given was a lot, so I'm not quite sure is this is consistent. 

Kimchi Beef Taco RM19.90
I was puzzled with this dish when it came to me, Kimchi Beef Taco can be said is a brilliant idea because again, the name itself captures my attention. There was a lot of vegetables wrapped around the beef. There were two pieces of Taco and they served well on my friend's tummy. The only cons for this Taco is that, why isn't the Kimchi wrapped together in the Taco? It would be fun to eat such Taco. 

Some vintage decorations I like about Namoo.

Be hold! The mighty owls! 

Ambiance: ★★✰✰✰
Price: ★★★✰✰
Food: ★★★★✰
Drinks: ★★✰✰✰
Verdict: This place is filled with people at most dining hour. You can be lucky to get yourself a seat but it is advisable to have your meal before the peak hour. It was quite noisy because the arrangement for the tables are quite near to each other. The food is up to my expectation however if you like authentic Korean food, this might not be your choice because of the little twist and there. Nevertheless, if you like to try on new Korean food, this is a recommended place for you to try out. 

Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe n Bistro on the park
Publika, Level G3, Lot 4A , 
Solaris dutamas No.1 , Jalan Dutamas 1 , 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-6411 6698

Official Website

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