Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner & Mask


This will be a quick review on Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating series. 
My face wasn't in good condition at all for product review because of the after effects of Chinese New Year. I had pimples all over my face and now, leaving scars on the surface. But thank you to Natta Cosme for delivering Beautymate products to ease my pain. Hydration is what my skin needs at all times. 

There are two items given to me: 
  1. Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner
  2. Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Mask

I will start off with Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner

Hydrate the skin
Bright up the skin tone
Balance the pH value
Soften and smooth the skin
Increase moisture balance up to 15 hours

The packaging isn't attractive however, it is heavy for its bottle. 

It is in pump design. Bottles with pump design are usually good for me because it is more hygienic. The only downside: I can't estimate the correct amount of the toner. 

It is a crystal clear liquid, with no sticky feeling and heavy fragrance. You can spray a few drops on your palm and gently pat on your face. 

If you have sensitive skin like mine, I would advise you to have a few drops on your cotton pad and gently swipe all over your face. Remember to swipe upwards in order to lift up your skin. 

Here is a little comparison of before and after on my skin. 
You can see clearly my skin is dry before I apply the toner. The skin feels hydrated and not feeling sticky after the application. Instead of feeling tingling, my skin feels refreshing. Hence, this toner is suitable for all skin types including the sensitive one. 

Next up, the Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Mask. 
I can't give any opinion on the effects because sheet masks always give instant brightening, moisturizing and hydrating effects. I could only comment on its scent and stickiness of the mask. 

Tada! The mask fits perfectly on my face. I can feel the "boink-ness' of the skin without any sticky feeling. 

Rating : ★★★☆☆
Brand : Beautymate
Where to purchase : Natta Cosme, HiShop, SaSa, Hermo

Somehow I love the refreshing feeling after applying the toner. I came across of few toners which weren’t my cup of tea due to the stickiness and tingling feel after application. This toner leaves a matte surface and at the same time, the skin feels hydrated. After masking my mask, the skin brightens up a little and moisturizes the skin.

Natta Cosme

Let me scare you off with my naked face. I'm vain, I know. Ciaoz!

Disclaimer: These products were sent by Natta Cosme for review purpose. However, the statement written in the blog post is my own opinions.  

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  1. Toner. I used Himalaya Toner :)

  2. Love the packaging :) so bright!

    Pink Frenzy

  3. you have BIG BEAUTIFUL eyes, ahaha *Envy*
    you don't have much skin problems to start with *double envy*
    great review by the way

    1. Thank you! I love your fashion sense! They are great


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