Achievements at Malaysia Largest Clothes Buffet


It was a fruitful Saturday because I unlocked an achievement in my life: Attend a clothes buffet. It may sound silly but it's a heaven for girls. With certain entry fee but take home with lots of pretty clothes, that is something I would want in the future. 
Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet was held in Synopz Mall @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus. The fun part about this buffet is to grab as many clothes as possible within 15 minutes and you can take home all the clothes that are ziplocked in the ziplock bag.  
The session previous mine was rather quiet but the crowd was getting bigger during afternoon. There was a huge LCD screen that acts as a timer for each session. So when the timer starts, you would have to move fast and filter for your clothes.

Time flew and thanks to Li Chuen for reminding about the time. I was so concentrating on picking up clothes till I forgot about the timer. At the very last 5 seconds I was quite panic because I still left one more piece of dress on hand. Luckily with the help of JQ, I managed to stuck the last piece and seal the bag completely. 

Even though the ziplock bag wasn't huge, I was still able to stuck a total of 7 clothes into it. 
I knew the record was 24 pieces but I can assume most of the clothes in it are tank tops. I'm still proud of myself for getting nice dresses and tops!

Let me unlock the mysteries in the ziplock bag. I picked up 4 dresses, 2 tops and a legging pants. The dresses aren't my cup of tea though, but they are worth to be in my closet. 

Chiffon checkered short dress
I love the inverted checkered pattern on the dress. Though it was a little short for me but I can always paired it with legging pants. 

Chiffon Striped Top
I've been wanted a striped top for quite some time and I think this will do good for my daily office wear. The catch for this top is the sheer area behind the shirt. 

Chiffon Top with weird pattern
No idea why would I picked up this top but I guess this might be good to paired with a plain skirt. 

Floral Dress
It's a girlish dress! ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
This is not my type of dress but I think I look good in it LOL. Anyway, it's a good pick of mine because of the vintage floral pattern on it.

Pink Sleeveless Dress
It is stretchable and will be good for a classic dinner with the love one. 

Stretchable Red Dress
Perfect for a hot date, that was what I thought the moment I put it on. It's a little tight for me at the tummy and tight area. Other than that, the dress is fine.  

Patterned legging pants
It is quite thin but I wouldn't expect too much. The pattern is unique and I saw some bloggers had the same legging too.

There was a limited period of time where every clothes at the buffet were priced for only RM 10 per piece. I did not attend for every session but here are the two items that I grabbed. 

Long Jeans Jacket
This jacket is stylish enough for daily wear. Paired with a plain T or tank underneath will make an excellent boyish outfit. RM 10 for a piece of jeans jacket saved my purse. 

I must thank JQ for this. Without JQ, I won't be able to get this cardigan at all. This is so much love! You probably seen JQ wearing it in her blog and yeap, I'm being the bad girl to snatch this goodie from her. 

At the same time, Aussino was having sales as well. Aussino has been well known with high quality of bed sheets and other bed products such as pillow casing and bolster casing. I can see people are stocking up Aussino sets there. 

I picked up a Queen fitted bed sheet from Aussino. 
It's a plain white bed sheet with 500 thread counts. 

Cotton sateen is made of cotton and constructed with a sateen weave. This will create a shiny and silk-alike appearance of satin on one side and a matte texture on the other side. I can't wait to use the new bed sheet (๑>ᴗ<๑)

If you would like to know what others had gotten themselves during the buffet, just ho over to the link below!

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  1. Chiffon Top with weird pattern HAHAHA why you so funny one. And omg i love that floral dress :D So pretty!

    1. But it's true ._. I have no idea what is it called lol

  2. Chiffon checkered short dress is just love....Nice picks dear....xoxoxo....^_^


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