5-mins Makeover Challenge by Hair Depot


Hair Depot is not a strange name for me. My first encounter was to get to know what is Hair Depot with fellow Butterflies. You can read my experience here. Hair Depot is a shop where you can find all the needs and wants for your hair. The products are affordable and some of them with cute packaging ♥

This time, the 10 of us were super lucky to be invited for the 5 minutes hair makeover challenge. 5 minutes? Are you kidding me? I took 15 minutes to have my curls ready.......
The main focus of this challenge is to use a Auto Spin Curler and complete the hairdo within 5 minutes. It sounds ridiculous but I think this is possible. 

Jeng Jeng! This is the super cool auto spin curler with super magical technology that makes your hair go Wow! within a minute. I can't believe curling hair can be so easy now, well at least this is super easy for lazy people like me. Want to look prettier but you're lazy? No worries, let the robotic curler does its magic~ 

This is the overall design for the curler. It is in pink color and it looks like a normal curler. 
Why you don't have pink~~~
This curler is priced at RM 390 but Hair Depot will have promotions from time to time, that's when you can get it for cheaper price!

This Auto Spin curler has a few buttons and you can understand the concept easily. 
  • Left & Right Button: Pressing left or right button will have inward or outward curls
  • Voltage: Indicating the temperature of the curler
  • On & Off button: Switch on and off the curler. The temperature of the curler can be adjusted using the On and Off button as well. Pressing the + button will have higher temperature; pressing the - button will have lower temperature. 

A demonstration was done for everyone to understand how the curler works. For beginners, it is best to hold the curler at 45º and have the clump to face outward. When the clump is facing outward, it is easier for one to locate the right button for achieving inward curls. If you want to have outward curls, face the clump outward and press the left button. 

It might sound a little complicated but once you are familiar with the direction, this curler will become your best friend forever. Let's watch the video below to understand how the curler works at its best!

In case you still do not understand after watching the clip above, here's a 3 simple steps for you to understand how the curler works: 

  1. Start to curl the hair from hair end
  2. Click on the left or right button for your desired hair curls
  3. Let the hair auto spin around the curler (missed a word on the image)

Exciting moment came right after the introduction of the products. 5 pairs of Butterflies will compete with each other and win that awesome Auto Curler!

Now let me show my my hair before using the curler. I did permanent inward curls before, so I have low confidence to win the contest.... Anyway~ Let's have some fun by destroying my curls...

I'm having difficulty to curl my hair because I am simply bad with direction. Left and Right are so confusing~~~ Furthermore, I will need to only curl the hair inwards as my bottom hair is permanently curled inwards. The funny part of all is, the helper of mine was more panic than me and somehow can't help me to get the proper direction LOL. It was fun to auto curl the hair instead of manually curl the hair with those normal curlers out there. Once I get familiar with the directions, I can curl my hair faster than before. 

You know. I have no idea what I did to my hair.... It looked messier than before and I curled my hair outwards (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

My partner, Wan Jing on the other hand, did a fantastic job on curling her short hair. Look at her, a huge transformation into a Japanese doll! 

Tammy, the Mama-chan was there to guide us throughout the event. Mama-chan, please get well soon and refrain yourself from walking too much please. 

The fun almost came to an end. The exciting moment has come after Tammy gave out her speech. It was time to know who were the winners to take home the auto spin curler! Without further ado, let me present you the winners with the image below!
Congratulations to all the winners! I am super jealous with all of you right now! Anyway, you girls deserved to win the curler because the curls were so beautiful on you~ 
Hint: Pinjam me to play lah... I promise I will make better curls....

Let me hurt you eyes with our #wefie. #wefie is a selfie more than a person, sorta....

If you want to know what are the awesome deals and promotion from Hair Depot, do follow them on Facebook! 

Hair Depot, e@Curve
No. 1-33, e@Curve,
Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya 47810
Selangor, Malaysia.

Operation Hour: 10:30 AM - 10:00PM daily

Facebook: fb.com/HairDepot

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    1. Wah ini kianfei so good praise me ahhhh... doh jeh doh jeh

  2. Saw the hairdresser use this for my sister's wedding hair!! But how much is it?

    1. Opps. Forgot to mention about the price tim. I Normal Price is RM 380 ~ ~

  3. I love the pix...I have even shorter hair than yours...lolzzz....I need to grow them for using a curler......lovely post dear.....xoxoxo.....^_^


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