Laser Tag Butterfly Party with Laser Warzone


Beautiful Saturday should be invaded by a shooting game. Nah... just saying... I'm here to share you my experience of playing Laser Tag with the Butterflies over the weekend. 

Laser Tag is the painless and high-tech version of paint ball games. Instead of getting shoot by paint balls, you get shoot by laser lights. No worries, these lights aren't harmful, they are designed specifically for this laser tag games. You will need to use hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device to eliminate your opponent. Don't look down at this game, you will need to have strategy in order to achieve team missions.

We have the Butterfly SWAT members patrolled for our registration. It was great to have them woke up up earlier in the morning and prepared everything for the Butterflies. 
From left: Fer, Caroline and Ayna
This is a private room prepared by the Laser Tag management. Butterflies were having their breakfast and ice-breaking session with each other. 

Apparently, there was a small tournament where 4 teams compete with each other to get the highest score! The team with the highest score is the Champion of the day and get to honor with this Butterfly Cup! Ok, sounded a bit weird but what else can I name it?

Each member in the Champion Team will be rewarded with Butterfly Medals. They are not made of plastic though~

This is Logaraaj, the Manager of Operation & Marketing, briefed us the mechanism of Laser Tag and the things you need to know when you're in the "Battleground" 
  • There are many modes such as Free for All and Tag Team modes available
  • You do not need to roll on the floor because this is not a a real war zone
  • D not run like a chicken or else you will end up banging someone else
  • Shoot the enemies that has different colors on their vests. Example, if you are wearing vests that glows blue in the dark, shoot those with green lights
  • If you "died", the lights will go off and you will "re-spawn" in 5 seconds
  • Your marks will not be deducted even though you "die" 

He explained the entry fee for Laser Tag Challenge. 
It is pretty simple to look at the table below. 
You can choose the number of Battles and pay for the certain fees. The unlimited rounds of battles are only priced at RM 60, where you can enter the Laser Tag Battleground for the whole day. 
Whereas, students are only charged at a cheaper price as shown in the table below. Those who still keep your student cards, welcome your friends to join along for the Laser Tag! 
There's a Party Package where you need to pay RM 50 per person, and you can enjoy 2 hours usage of private room that serves you food and drink. However, you will need minimum 15 persons in order for you to enjoy the privilege of Part Package.  

Remli explained how to play the Laser Tag. All of us need to get dress with the vest showed in the image and hold the "gun" with both hands. 
At the back of the gun will have a small LCD screen that shows the name of the gun/vest. In other words, if you found your gun named as "Eagle", you are the Eagle when you are wearing the vest. 

You are able to view your scores after the game. I'm the Eagle and and I only scored 2150 in total. I "killed" quite a lot of enemies, I guess? 

Unfortunately! And all of us in Mulan Team had no idea why we were the last. Mulan Team was the first from the last and we did not receive the Butterfly Medals (T⌓T)
All of the Butterfly members were given a Buy 1 Free 1 voucher so we could bring our plus one for the next Laser Tag Challenge. 

Laser Tag Warzone
IOI Mall Puchong | 03-80701335
Lot 3 et 3, 3rd Floor, 
IOI Mall Puchong,
Jalan Puchong, Batu 9,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Puchong 47170,

E@Curve Damansara | 03-77331335
Lot L1-93, E@Curve,
No 2. Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara PJU 7,
47810 Selangor
Phone : 03-77331335


After the prizing ceremony, we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of Butterfly Project by eating the velvet cake prepared by Ask Joey. Surprisingly the cake isn't too sweet and the sweetness of the icing matched well with the cake~
P/S: Janice, we knew what you said....

Apparently a friend of mine created this hashtag and I decided to use it here: #wefie.

Bonus picture: bunch of hyper ladies in the house. 

Ending the post with the awesome Tammy-chan~ 
Thanks to your lead, Butterfly Project has grown so much for just merely a year of time. 
Thanks to the Butterfly SWAT members, the Butterflies understand the value of blogging. 
You brought us together and enjoy the happiness of sharing and caring. 
Though there are unhappy moments, but no worries, Butterflies are always there to support you. 
Happy 1st Anniversary Butterfly Project, you still have to achieve many milestones ahead (๑✧◡✧๑)

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  1. Nice seeing you there FurFer ^_^ hopefully there will be more games for us next time, I really love playing laser tag with you all!

  2. ah, u no win the trophy ah XD

  3. Amazing pix and you look so cute dear......xoxoxo.....^_^

  4. P.S. Janice, WE SEE WHAT YOU DID!!! Hahahahaha.. XD

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