[Gadget Review] Life of a Xiaomi 3


Howdy people, this is my first time reviewing a gadget so ~ I might miss out some information you might want to know. I bought Xiaomi 3 during its first launch in Malaysia. I must say that I'm pretty lucky to be the first 100 customers for purchasing a Xiaomi 3. I won't go on details for the specs because you can easily find them here.

Xiaomi is a mobile internet company from China. It is founded in 2010 to create an all aspect of user experience in mobile internet industry. Xiaomi is famous for its high quality and performance  devices with extremely affordable price.

Xiaomi 3 is a typical square mobile phone with 5 inch 1920 x 1080 display. The body uses a magnesium alloy frame which is coated in three layers of thermal graphite film. This thermal graphite film is a type of thermal conductivity that release and diffuse the heat generated by the devices. I've been playing the phone for 3 hours continuously and the phone doesn't heat up badly.

The body is only 8.1mm and weights 145g, which is rather light compared to other Smartphones such as Samsung and iPhones. The SIM card can be removed by using SIM eject tool on the SIM port. The speakers are located at the bottom of the phone and the sound quality is rather good.

The original theme for Xiaomi3 is Malaysia Theme, featured with KLCC Twin Towers as wallpaper. You can view it here.
I changed the theme by installing it from the Themes Store. It is simpler and easier because I don't need third party apps such as GO Launcher EX just to change a theme. I can customize the appearance of the Lock screen and gadgets as well~

Xiaomi 3 comes in 16GB with 2GB RAM, minus off the capacity for the OS and it left roughly 13GB. Well... It does not have a slot for microSD card so I will need to clean up the useless apps or games, or even videos once I almost reach the capacity. 16GB is quite sufficient for me unless I'm going all out for storing animations or songs in my phone. I do wish there is a microSD card slot so I can treat Xiaomi3 as an alternative MP3 player...

Though the website mentioned you can take amazing photos in low light with an ƒ/2.2 aperture, just don't trust it. Nope, I'm not downgrading Xiaomi's camera, it works perfectly fine and can take good picture. But if you expect a crystal clear image, HTC m8  and Sony Z2 ae doing a better job than Xiaomi 3.

The back camera has a few options for you to play along. Panorama feature is available so you do not need to download an extra app for this mode. You can choose to capture image in HDR mode and adjust the desire skin tones for your selfie.
The Audio option is to allow you to capture image with voice detection. Good attempt but I would prefer to shoot from far with a wave of my hand.
Click to enlarge
The built-in camera has 15 different filters for the users to experience on (Click on the image for a larger view).
Click to enlarge
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Here's a few comparison of images taken using front camera under different lighting. It's not the best front camera because it only has 2.0 megapixels. it is not recommended to take selfie under low light condition unless you want to look like ghost?
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That's it for now~ I do know there are more information can be shared such as the security and apps but as for now, I would prefer to explore thoroughly about Xiaomi 3 (Nope nope nope, I'm not molesting the phone). The current conclusion of all: If you are looking for a phone with affordable price and decent specs, Xiaomi 3 is definitely your choice. However, do not pay too much expectation for it because Xiaomi 3 is after all, offers an all round experience by having the essentials of a modern smartphone. 

In case any of you are interested to Xiaomi 3 or the Power Bank, you can refer to the buying guide below. You can ignore the date and time because Xiaomi launches new batch of phones and accessories at 12pm.


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  1. HELLO! I'm actually considering purchasing Xiaomi, so thanks for writing this! XD Followed you, babe! Hope to see you around yea? :)



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