L'EGERE Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream Review


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Ever wonder how those Koreans or Taiwanese have flawless skin that you've seen? You might say they are being Photoshop or use apps to beautify their faces. Still, their skin look flawless in real life. We've heard of BB Cream that can help to achieve a flawless skin in no time but now, there's CC Cream that can help to correct your skin tone and obtain a natural dewy look. 

When I first in contact with CC Cream, I was in love with its light texture. However, some CC Creams leave a greasy feel after prolonged hours in an air-conditioned room. Recently, I was lucky enough to give it a try on this CC Cream.

L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In Correcting Color Cream is quite popular in Taiwan as this product is being featured in one of the famous Taiwanese TV Show called "Lady First (女人我最大)". It was being used a couple of times in the TV Show and well know for its hydrating feature. 

Besides, a lot of Taiwanese bloggers raved about this CC Cream and claimed it has a lot of benefits to the skin:
  1. It hydrates the skin at all times with W.S.N (Water Silicone Network) Technology (I will explain further on this later~)
  2. It matches your skin tone and correct it to have a healthy look
  3. Minimize the appearance of pores, dark spots and fine lines, achieve a smoother skin
  4. Has SPF 20 to fight against harmful UV rays
  5. Oil controls and avoid shine-free 
  6. Can be used as makeup base 

W.S.N Technology stands for Water Silicone Technology. It is an innovative formulation containing visible water drops effect with natural moisture beauty ingredients. This technology allows the skin to absorb the natural ingredients effectively and moisturizes your dry skin. 

The back of the box has a list of the CC Cream's functions and the directions of using it. There is an interesting tips given on the directions are as followed~

To achieve a natural nude makeup:
  1. Apply your skin care routine
  2. Apply sunblock
  3. Apply Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream
  4. Apply loose powder
To achieve a flawless makeup:
  1. Apply your skin care routine
  2. Apply sunblock
  3. Apply Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream
  4. Apply foundation
  5. Apply loose powder

At the side of the box written another directions on applying the CC Cream. As mentioned on the box, it seems to be ok for one to apply the CC Cream on the sensitive area of your skin. After 15 minutes, the CC Cream will match with your skin tone. It is also advisable to remove the CC Cream with a makeup remover before heading to the cleansing part. 

The CC Cream has only a shade and is in liquid texture. Though it is in dark shade however when I spread the CC Cream onto the back of my palm, the CC Cream matches my skin tone color. The CC Cream also has a cooling feel the moment I spread it out. Instead of a matte finishing, it gives a dewy finish look and I don't feel the greasiness of it. 

However, you would still need to apply concealer or BB cream if you want a better coverage on your imperfections. This CC Cream does not have heavy coverage on dark spots or scars. 

Are you still using BB Cream or are you keeping up with the trend on using CC Cream or DD Cream? 
Just saw one of my friend's post on the Facebook and realized there's ZZ Cream now (⊙Д⊙)/


Where to purchase: At most SaSa Malaysia Outlets 
Price: RM 88 @ 35g 

Bonus picture An attempt to pose like a Korean in the ads. Ok lah... Failed version but I have to say I look chio here NGEH NGEH NGEH~ 

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  1. FurFer comel!! hehe, love how the CC cream made your skin look more flawless ^_^

  2. I tot 女人我最大is *queen*?


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