YADAH Oh My Sunblock Review


It's been quite some time since I did a review on the products that I love to use. I'm decided to share my thoughts on my favourite sunblock: Yadah Oh My Sunblock

Sunblock is an essential step in the skin care routine. It protects your skin effectively against the harmful rays. It is hard to find a sunblock that suits your own skin because some people do not like the greasiness or the white cast on the skin after the application. 

Yadah is not a new name for me but you might do not know what is it. You can learn more about it here but here is a brief introduction on Yadah. 

Yadah is a brand from Korea that sells skin care products and cosmetics. Its main ingredient in all products is Organic Opuncia Ficus. It is a unique cactus species with strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant benefits. 

Now there, let me embrace you with the benefits of Yadah Oh My Sunblock. It has several benefits which I really love and perhaps, the only one I would use until I find a better one. This sunblock does its magic by giving: 
  1. UVA & UVB protection. It has SPF35, PA ++ and it is sufficient to protect you against the harmful rays in your daily live
  2. Matte finishing which does not give a sticky or oily feeling on your face
  3. Light weighted texture that doesn't make you feel the oiliness
  4. Moisturize the face at all times and soothe the skin with its natural ingredients
  5. Brightens up the skin so your skin doesn't look dull

The packaging has a cute prints of Yadah and Yom Yom. The cute design attracted my attention when Yadah was first introduced to me. The sunblock has a common tube design and can be fit into a hand. Due to the size, it is convenient for one to bring along when she/he is on vacation. It suits every skin type so you do not need to worry if the sunblock itches your skin. 

Here's an before and after image. As you can see in the image, the right side looks more hydrating than the left side. The best part of all, the sunblock does leave a matte finish on the skin. I believe most of us do not like sunblock with sticky or greasy finish on the skin. Instead, I want my skin to stay refreshing and shine-free the whole day. Yadah Oh My Sunblock impressed me with its matte finish and my skin does not get oily throughout the day (unless you are sweating a lot)

The sunblock is in white and creamy texture. It does not have a strong fragrance but it smells like a mixture of lemon and orange. It is easy to spread onto the skin and gives a thin lining of protection against the harmful UV rays. 

Nope, the sunblock does not leave a white cast on your face. Some sunblocks do leave a white cast on your face and when you are sweating, your sweats will turn into white droplets... Yadah Oh My Sunblock lays perfectly on the skin and even if I'm sweating, I do not see any white droplets dripping down from my forehead. 

So, what is your favourite sunblock? Do you prefer a matte finish or greasy finish on your face after you put on the sunblock? 

You can find the latest products at the Korea website and apparently Yadah came out with a tube of BB cream that has a blusher as it cover. It's called Twin Angel BB Cream and I do hope Malaysia will has it soon!

YADAH Malaysia
Website: http://www.yadah.co.kr/
Facebook: fb.com/YadahMalaysia

Where to purchase: Most SaSa outlets
Price: RM 49 @ 50ml

As usual, ending post with my selfie. Teehee~

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  1. I love this sun screen too! I love how it leaves my skin with it fresh and non typical sunblock scent.

    1. High 5! I love its matte finishing to the max <3


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