July Fashion Culture Box Review


Hello pretties! I'm excited to share this news to all of you! It's been such a long time since my last mystery box of the month! Well, I used to share quite a few beauty boxes that I've bought or received but I stopped those subscriptions because... I'm getting poorer... LOL... Just joking... I just felt some products given in the box wasn't my cup of tea and yeah, I've decided to stop the subscriptions.

This is something new in the beauty box market because instead of putting beauty products (or samples), it is more lovely to receive accessories which you can mix and match with your daily outfits. Fashion Culture box introduced three themes of style every month. Each theme has its unique style for you to choose from and you can learn about the themes on the website and Facebook page.

Take a look at the previous themes, you get to choose the theme based on your favourite theme or theme that suits you the most. I read some of the reviews mentioned they received pretty accessories from the previous themes and most of them were surprised with the accessories received!

Subscription open every first week of the month and closes on the last week. After you've placed your order and submit payment, the box will be delivered to you within 7-14 days after the subscription has closed for that month's themes. You may have to wait a little longer but good things are worth waiting for ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣

When I received my box, the items were well placed in the box. I'm lucky that the four corners of the box were still in good condition after delivered by the postmen. 

The surprises in the box never fail to amaze me. Though I knew Boroque Glamour sunglasses will be included in the box, I'm still loving the details of it. There are a total of 5 items in July Fashion Culture Box: 
  1. Baroque Glamour sunglasses
  2. Droplet shaped earrings
  3. Spiky bracelet
  4. Shokobutsu Shower Foam sachets
  5. Genesis Pro GumCare toothpaste

Wola! The three main accessories in the box! These accessories were inspired from an iconic rocker queen style, with dark and edgy accessories:
  • Baroque Glamour sunglasses
  • Droplet shaped earrings
  • Spiky bracelet

Nevertheless, I also found extra two products in the box: the Shokobutsu Shower Foam and Genesis Pro GumCare toothpaste.

The temple of the shades are so cute! The swirl design makes the shades looks more interesting than a pair of usual shades. 

Next up, the water-droplet shaped earrings. I seldom put on earrings, that's because I'm not good at mix and match my outfits with fancy earrings lol. But this pair of earrings with its little studs attracted me. 

Rocker and boyish style? 

Spiky bracelet. This is pretty common but this bracelet is more light-weighted compared to the one I found in some of the accessories store. It is stretchable so do not need to worry it get stuck at your wrist. 

Chio anot? Ok lah... Just joking ~.~ Apparently.. Some people don't get use to see me in this look. I just drew a little bolder for my eyeliner and applied filter on the picture hor... Don't panic when you see I'm in a little heavier makeup, you still can recognize me lol... 


For those who want to get themselves a Fashion Culture Box, ensure you key in the promotional code: FCB-FUR-9911 to entitle 10% off discounts for the box you chose and FREE Shipping cost!

Fashion Culture Box 

Where to purchase: Fashion Culture Online Store
Price: RM 58 per box 

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