Lancôme Lip Lover Rose Attrape-cœur (316) Review


As promise at the previous post~ I'm here share my thoughts on the Lancôme Lip Lover Rose Attrape-cœur (316) that I received during the Lip Lover launch.

Just a brief on what is Lip Lover. It is a new lip product from Lancôme that has 3 main features of moisturizing the lips with pigmented color and high-shine, non- sticky gloss. It is a 3-in-1 lip product that surpasses my expectation.

Let's talk about the packaging. It is a classy and shiny metal tube that has a small area of transparent opening, which allow one to look onto the color within the metal tube. See that little button over there? It is the push button for you to pull out the applicator and push it down to close with a "click" sound.

Instead of twisting the cover, you will need to push the button and pull up the applicator. It is simple and convenient to use.

The applicator is in a unique slanted arrow shape. This allows the applicator to glide smoothly following the curve of our lips and fill up the wrinkles and fine lines on the lips. You just need to apply once on your with with the right amount of pigmented colors on your lip.

Here's how the shade looks like under natural light and with flash. Both of them clearly shows the sweetness of pink on the hand. The shine pairs well with the pigmentation and leave an even color shade on the palm.

The texture is similar to a lip gloss but has a creamier finish on the lips. This Lip Lover is a high-shine, non-sticky lip product. Due to its intelligent bi-phasic formula, the gloss and the pigmented pink color mix well and present a natural pink on the lips.

Here's a before and after look on putting up Lip Lover Rose Attrape-cœur. You can mix and match with different colors from Lip Lover range. Every color can bring out different feels and personality of yours.

The color chosen here is a baby pink in color, it's an easy going color as it suits a daily basic makeup look. This color is perfect for a date with the loves one or an outing with girls. The pigmentation of the colors is doable for a pair of gradient lips.

Instead of leaving pieces of shimmer on the lips, the lip lover gives a high-shine with slight shimmering effects under natural lights.

That's the end of my thoughts. Lai... As usual, a bonus picture of the post. Magic... I'm a lady now~ 

Lancôme Lip Lover Rose Attrape-cœur (316) 

Where to purchase: All Lancôme counters 

Price: RM75 

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  1. Such a sweet colour and that applicator really intrigues me. I wonder how their coral shade compares as pink doesn't really suit my skintone. ^^; It looks absolutely fab on you and I love how you did your gradient lips! Thanks for the review!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Thank you Rin! Their coral shades are not too bad but more towards nude colors.

  2. Lancome's packaging always amazed me! Love the appearance!


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