CLENZ Detox Drink Review


I am back~ Though I'm always missing in action ~.~ Had a good trip with the family and cousins and I'm starting to gain back the passion in blogging. Well... There was a period of time when I'm really demotivated in blogging~ Anyway, this time, I am reviewing another beauty drink sponsored by HiShop. 

A brief information on CLENZ. It is a Detox drink that helps on getting rid of the toxin iwthin the body. These toxins need to be eliminated to avoid auto-intoxication. Auto-toxification can cause increased growth of bacteria in the body that will be absorbed by the body. Sounds bad huh? That is why we need to detox the toxin in our body every now and then to stay healthier. 

CLENZ helps to retain the healthiness of our body internally. With its 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence, one will be able to experience 4 extraordinary effects as mentioned below: 

  • Alfafa is a good source of crude fibre that aids digestion, natural cleanse and repairing to restores the intestinal function. It also discharge the saggy and odor toxin in the body. 
  • Pumpkin extract is an excellent source of fruit collagen and multi mineral that fights virus and bacteria. It breaks down the impacted food residue and cleanses the bowel thoroughly.  

Strengthens Intestines and Stomach Functions
  • Fructo-Oligosaccharid (F.O.S)helps to reduce stomach and colon cancer's risk . It eases constipation, improves digestion and reduces discomfort and bloating comfort. 
Eye Protection
  • Marigold Extract protects eye vision, relieves tired eyes and support eye health. It prevent gradual loss of eyesight and acts as a filter to prevent UV rays from the sun, fluorescent light bulbs , TV and computer screens. 
Nutrition Boosting
  • Barley Grass is the excellent source of chlorophyll, amino acid, vitamin A and B for energy production. 
    • Marigold extract helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. 

The box listed all the ingredients and nutrition facts of CLENZ. 

Here are some tips on CLENZ:
  1. Pregnant women should seek professional advice before taking in CLENZ. 
  2. Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool dry place. 
  3. The color, taste and liquid texture may vary from batch to batch as the ingredients used are natural and contain no coloring. 

There's a user guide on the box. You won't be able to miss it as it is printed at the inner side of the box. 

First, you will need to share the bottle for 3 to 5 seconds before usage. 

Then, use the opener and poke into the centre of the bottle. Make sure to poke through the and the opener stay still as shown in the image below. 

Thirdly, insert the straw given into the middle of bottle and drink the liquid in it. 

Here's a close up on showing the color of the liquid. It's not in black but rather in a darker brown shade. It has the same taste as the prunes, not too sweet or sour. 

I love the taste and I love how it makes me shit everyday LOL. Ok... That's a little too much but did well in the detoxification area. Ever since I've started working, I don't have the habit of going to the toilet everyday anymore. After consuming CLENZ for 3 weeks, I'm back to the usual routine and I'm feeling fresh after clearing the toxins in my stomach O(≧▽≦)O

CLENZ Detox Drink

Price: RM 88.00 

Where to purchase: HiShop, Fairy Beauty

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