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Hello people! I'm excited to share my recap on the event I attended last two weeks. Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Muse by Watsons for the invitation on introducing the new premium makeup brand in town, bollywood PROFESSIONAL.

bollywood PROFESSIONAL is the number one cosmetics brand used by top Bollywood Superstars and makeup artists. It is made in New York by a team of professionals who are based in New York GML Laboratory. The team ensures all bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics are the most innovative, superior and equip with the finest formulas, dynamic colors and effects. These cosmetics are loaded with nourishing vitamins and nutrients to make sure they are kind to the skin. With the latest technology, bollywood PROFESSIONAL has a full range of skin care and color cosmetics that are tested in high definition studios for the perfect outcome. Aside from that, being a global brand, bollywood PROFESSIONAL is made with every skin type, tone and age range in mind, giving a young and vibrant look.

bollywood PROFESSIONAL has a few star products such as the Baked-Eye Shadow that stays fresh without creasing; the Mineral Photo-Touch Foundation that improves the integrity of the skin; Superwear Eye-Liner and Mascara that didn't smudge. The latest fragrance launched is the STAR. STAR gives a sweet, sensual scent of jasmine, vanilla and cheery, often described as "expressive, individual and modern, filled with flashes of pure brilliance".

Rani Birring, the Managing Director of bollywood PROFESSIONAL

It was a fun event whereby all the Butterflies got a makeover inspired by Bollywood artists. The star product of the day was the newly launched lip product of bollywood PROFESSIONAL, Liquid Lipstick.

Liquid Lipstick is a marriage product on lipstick and lip gloss. It has 12 different shades range from nude to dark colors. It is pretty unique in a way that the lipstick is pigmented and creamy. It is non-sticky and able to deliver full coverage of colors on the lips in a swipe. Liquid Lipstick also claims to be long lasting and keeps the lips hydrated at all times too.

Crystal clear tube that shows the shades distinctly from each other. 

The liquid lipstick has soft fleece bristles that help on giving a smooth coverage on the lips. The fine bristles also helps to fill out the uneven lips in one swipe. This liquid lipstick gives a vibrant shade on the lips with a gloss finish. Though it is in creamy texture, it is better for one to put on lip balm before putting on liquid lipstick.

Another pro of this liquid lipstick is its moisture feature that is long lasting. Unlike other liquid-based lipstick, this one doesn't dry up easily and need to be careful for not smudging the lipstick. I personally recommended this to be removed with oil-based remover because it is slightly hard to remove by using water-based remover. 

Here are some of the other cosmetics from bollywood PROFESSIONAL, ranges from foundations to lip products. The eye shadows are very pigmented with shimmery finishing.

Ending my post with tons of wefie~ Nice to meet ya'll again Butterflies. It's been such a long time since I had fun with you girls. Wonder if you notice the ladies were wearing bold red lipsticks....

Bollywood PROFESSIONAL Liquid Lipstick


Where to purchase:
MUSE by Watsons @ Sunway Pyramid,
Plaza Merdeka @ Kuching,
Watsons in Alamanda Mall @ Putrajaya,
Level 1 Genting Grand Hotel @ Genting

Price: RM 75

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