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I wasn't fond with accessories before and didn't have the idea of mix and match the accessories on daily outfit. I thought it was hassle to put on accessories and ended up there was always something missing from my outfits. Up until this point, I am still lazy to put on accessories. But~ I started to add a little spices on my daily outfits with accessories. 

I always believe clothing I wear can affect my mood, and how I feel is reflective of the way I dress. Putting on accessories definitely add more spices to my outfit and of course, feeling good for the entire day. 

Somehow I am in love with accessories that can be matched for daily outfits, and that's where JewInBox plays a big role for adding more accessories into my collection. 

Here is a little introduction on JewInBox:
Jewinbox is providing trendy, fascinating, high quality of fashion accessories products with reasonable price to you! We drive the concept of value of money. We believe our beautiful fashion accessories will mesmerize and bring happiness to our customers! Simultaneously, we believe a simple way to envelope our loved ones with happiness would be sharing of our beauty and happiness!

JewInBox aims to provide an excellent online shopping experience by:
  • Provide in-house design signature box upon purchase
  • Deliver gifts and messages to love ones
  • Deliver to door-step or the appointed recipient doorstep
  • Prompt reply and action well taken on every queries and transactions
JewInBox has its own in-house design signature box and you will be able to receive the box for every purchase you made.The box is special made to deliver the heartfelt and thoughtful gifts for the receiver. I went gaga over the details on the box. The diamonds and ribbons on it are in well condition when I receive the boxes. 

Let's have a mini tour on the accessories in JewInBox.

Colourful Heart Shaped Stud Earrings RM12

Hipster? Hipster not~ This heart shaped stud earrings have a very unique design on it and definitely brightens up your day with colors.

Gold Chain with Flower Pendant Necklace RM20

The flower on the necklace is formed by using white pearls. It is a simple yet elegant design with diamonds surround the pearl flower. This can be your statement necklace of a casual day out.

Black Butterfly Double Layer Sweater Chain RM 20

One of the top sellers in JewInBox. I like to pair it with my plain white shirt and the butterflies would look like they are flying when I'm walking. I have no idea what I'm trying to say but oh well, this is quite a master piece from JewInBox and the fine detail of the butterflies worth every penny spent. 

Double Heart Ring RM9

Double hearts with Cupid's arrow on the ring. The diamonds shine brightly in glam, give a little sparkles on hand.  

3 pieces Fashionable Silver Rings RM18

Fist bump in style! Feather look-alike ring surround the finger safely with the company of swirly rings. These rings are easy to be mix and match with other fashionable rings too!

Silver Owl Double Layer Bracelet (black) RM16

Somehow owl is quite trendy these days. The bracelets come in a pair and the beads are in decent quality too. The colors of the beads are suitable for daily casual look with a hint of vintage style on it.

Gold Hollow Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet RM20

This is the most elegant bracelet that I've ever have from JewInBox. The white pearls paired well with the ribbon, giving a simple yet sophisticated style on hand.

Bridesmaid Gold Plated Bracelet (white) RM28

This is so lovely! The details of the flowers paired well with the pearls.The gold plated bracelet can be cute with the flowers and pearls too, suitable for a lovely date with the love ones.

Gold Plated Braid with Diamonds (black) RM20

If you want to go for a little boyish look and being girlish at the same time, you may want to get one of this. I love braid bracelets because they look simple and stylish at the same time.A bracelet can be so much different with one single charm. Want o be boyish and have a little girlish outfit? This kind of bracelet will match your outfit well.

Psss... Did I mention that every single purchase you made is FREE Shipping? You see it right, you do not need to worry about shipping fee for ordering tiny accessories from JewInBox. You will be receiving the in-house design signature box too! Isn't this worth every penny you spend?

Get the latest updates from JewInBox with the links below. If you are an Instagram lover, hop over to check out their feeds on the latest accessories. 





Lastly, a bonus selfie of me wearing the accessories from JewInBox.

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  1. Wow ! It is the best collection of fashionable Women's Accessories, I have some of them . As we all know fashion accessories are the important part of women’s life.


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