[Cosmetics] Skin Factory 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack Review


Selamat Hari Raya everyone! I bet some of you are having fun in this long weekend. Sorry for MIA for some weeks, and here I'm back with another lippy review~ Putting on some colors on the lips often associate with your mood and of course, you will look so much different with just a hint of color of your lips!

Skin Factory is a Korean brand founded by a group of medical specialists to offer pure and natural skin care products which emphasize the well being & balance of the skin for both man and woman of all skin types. Skin Factory has a few interesting products such as the 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack and 7 Seconds Instant Whitening Cream. Today, I'm reviewing the Lip Tattoo, which has the functions to remove dead skin on lips, moisturize the skin and nurture with rich vitamins found in the ingredients.

Skin Factory 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack
Where to purchase: Natta Cosme website
Price: RM 49
Weight: 15 ml 

Natta Cosme offers three shades: Jewelry PinkSexy Pink and Vita Fruit Peach.The packaging design is aright, but I think it could be designed better so the texts can deliver better to the buyers. 

The Lip Tattoo is recommended for those who have dehydrated and flaky lips. Other lip products such as lipsticks may dry up the lips, but using this Lip Tattoo can avoid having drier lips.

It is also recommended for those who prefer a vibrant yet natural looking pair of lips without putting on heavy makeup. This is suitable for daily makeup look too.

It is very easy to apply the lip tattoo. Do remember to prep your lips with lip balm before putting up any lip tattoo. You can opt in for a pair of gradient lips or cover up your whole lips with vibrant colors. Let the lip tattoo dry for about 5-15 minutes, depending the amount you've applied on the lips. Be sure not to rub your lips~ After 5-15 minutes and ensure the lips are now dried up, peel the lip tattoo from the outer edges of the lips to the inner edges. Peel off the excess and finish the look with a lip balm or clear gloss.

The shades from left to right are as followed: Jewelry PinkSexy Pink and Vita Fruit Peach. I realized the orange shade has least vibrant compared to both of the pink shades. 

  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting 
  • Sweet scent

  • Time consuming for it to dry completely
  • Hard to remove
  • Application can be very messy

I like the Jewelry Pink the most. It has the sweetest and most natural shade on the lips. I do like the end results however, it is quite time consuming for the Lip Tattoo to dry up completely before peeling it off. During the waiting time, I couldn't eat and drink, or even put on makeup normally. I find the Lip Tattoo is hard to remove when it is completely dry. It is more resistant compared to the Lip Stains. I like the fact that it is long lasting but I would prefer it the lip products can be removed easily with oil-based remover. 

One last thing! if you want to purchase anything in Natta Cosme, remember to use the discount code: RAYA2015 and enjoy RM 6 off for every purchase above RM 100. 

Thanks for reading and Selamat Hari Raya! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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