[Cosmetic] Miss Hana 花娜小姐 BB Cushion Compact Foundation Review


I specifically had my colleague to help me on getting this BB Cushion because I had no idea that I can get it in Malaysia. It turns out, lots of the local e-commerce sites are selling this BB Cushion too. There are a lot of rave reviews about this BB Cushsion by the Taiwanese Beauty Bloggers so I thought I would want to give it a try too. So let's continue to see if this BB Cushion worth every penny you spend. 

Before moving on to the details, if you are unaware of Miss Hana 花娜小姐, it is a Taiwanese brand with affordable price and decent quality on all their products. I love their pencil eyeliners, especially the stardust one. It is super waterproof and surprisngly, it doesn't smudge horribly too! You can read up my reviews about the Starduct eyeliners here and the usual eyeliners here

Product Info

Name: Miss Hana 花娜小姐 BB Cushion Compact Foundation
Price: RM 89.00
Content: 15g
Where to Purchase: Miss Hana 花娜小姐

The BB Cushion Foundation pack comes with a case and a refill pack. Unlike the Laneige BB Cushion pack, this doesn't come with another complimentary refill pack. The cushion pack comes with a sponge too. The refill pack has its expiry date printed at the bottom part of the packaging, so you will be able to know the expiry date. 

The BB Cushion Foundation has a few ingredients to achieve certain benefits:
  • Titanium Dioxide: High refractive index and consists of SPF 50+  to protect the skin from UV
  • Sodium Hyaluronate : Lock the moisture in the skin and achieve long lasting moisture
  • Gigawhite Extract: Brighten up the dull skin
  • Laminaria Saccharina Extract: Balance the sebum excretion and control the moisture level in the skin
  • Acetyl Octapeptide-3: Reduces wrinkles formation for a younger skin

I like the coverage, a lot. In fact, the coverage is so strong that I don't need to put on extra concealers to hide all my pimple scars. Same as the other BB Cushion out there, apply the foundation in stamping motion for heavier coverage on the skin. It can also helps the foundation to stay on the skin for longer period of time.

It is moisturizing and has cooling sensation when I apply it to the face. The only drawback is the greasiness after application. After putting on this foundation for about 15 minutes, the greasiness is still there and I will have to put on loose powder to achieve semi-matte finishing. 

The shade on the face is slightly fairer than what  I've expected, even though it is the natural shade. A few minutes later, the shade will faded to match the skin color and I look normal again (︶▽︶)

If you are looking for a BB Cushion that leaves a light-weighted feeling on the skin, this might not be your choice due to its greasiness in nature. However, if you want to achieve flawless yet natural makeup, this is suitable for the famous naked face makeup (就是我们说的裸妆啦!)

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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I wash the sponge?
You can watch the video here on how to clean the puff. The video demonstrates very well on the motion and method to wash out the dirty stuffs from the puff. 

Should I swipe the BB Cushion all over my face?
No~~~~ You shouldn't be doing it. Swiping motion will cause uneven finishing on your skin and you might be spoiling the puff too. Use stamping motion and build up the foundation slowly can make you skin breathable and natural finishing too. 

How can I reapply the foundation?  
Firstly, use a tissue paper to gently press on the face for the excess oil. Use a mist to spray all over the face for the skin to achieve maximum moisture. If your face has leftover cakey foundation, wipe it off with tissue. After that, apply the BB Cushion Foundation in stamping motion~

Disclaimer: Product was a gift from a travel trip. All opinions expressed are my own, which based on my personal experiences and preferences on the product. Results may vary on different person.

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