[Cosmetic] Gudetama Holika Holika Lazy and Easy Melting Lip Button


Howdy people? Things have been going on quickly these days. Apart from filling my life with daily dose of Pokemon Go, I've been indulging myself with Overwatch too. If you're asking me what are my other hobbies, I guess I might tell you I would stay at home for extensive news about eSports (Yes, I'm talking about League of Legends and DotA 2). 

I'm kind of a mouse potato person, because.... The living cost in KL is too darn high~ I can't remember which bastard said living in KL is affordable, I would like to give you an applause for your statement. Please "donate" some money to my personal account, sekian terima kasih.

Anyway~ Back to the main character for today. It's Gudetama Lip Button from Holika Holika! Can you imagine how excited was I from getting the Hermo's newsletter? Ever since Pearlypie shared the images of this Gudetama series from Holika Holika, I've always wanted to get at least one of them home. After waited for about a month, Hermo introduced this series and yeap, I bought 2 items from the series: Lip Button and the Blusher. I know spending unnecessary money is not advisable but then, I think I'm super good at "Buy first, Think later". 

Product Info

Name: Gudetama Holika Holika Lazy and Easy Melting Lip Button
Shade: RD01
Price: RM 55
Content: Shaddock seed extract, Pumpkin seed oil, Plum seed extract, Raspberry seed oil, Rosehip seed extract, Argan oil, Sweet Almond oil, Orange peel oil & Lemon peel oil
Where to Purchase: Hermo.my (I don't see them selling at Holika Holika outlets at the moment)

To be honest, I got this because of its adorable packaging, I must say the Korean cosmetic brands did a very good job at pursuing girls to purchase adorable stuffs. Just look at that adorable packaging! I can't stop staring at its butt and guess what, you can unplug the butt and plug it on something else. *grin*

This is the reason why this lip product is called as Lip Button. Instead of the usual method to twist up the lipstick, this Lip Button is a click pen-type product. You may need to press the button at the end of the Lip Button before you can apply it on your lips. Click pen-type products aren't really that good because it's wasting the product if you couldn't control the volume you want.

There's only two types of shades available for this Gudetama series, so I opted-in for the red color. It is super vibrant on the lips and it glides easily too. I own quite a few lip products that glide easily on the lips, but this seems to be my favourite at the moment. It glides easily on the lips without lip balm as a base too. Though it moisturizes the lips, I would recommend to apply lip balm as a base to give maximum moisture to your lips.

Here's the comparison on before and after applying the lip button. There's a slight different with the shades appearing on the lips if you conceal the lips with lip concealer. Depends on your liking, you can choose to have different types of gradient lips. Honestly, the shade doesn't last long as I thought. Once it has contact with food and drink, it will fade easily. You might still be able to trace a hint of red shade on the lips, but the color will not be as radiant as you have you before.

Will I encourage you to get this? Not really. The packaging is really cute! But if you are looking for vibrant and long lasting lip products, this will not be your choice at all. If you're a huge fan for Gudetama, please get this, I promise you wouldn't regret for having this lip button. Till then~ enjoy my huge portrait :D

Frequent Asked Questions

Is this a lipstick or a lip tint?
I would say it is a combination of lipstick and lip tint. It melts and glides easily when it touches the skin and it's easy to spread out too.

I accidentally click too many times and the lipstick appears to be too long. Is there any way to make it shorter?
I'm afraid there isn't any way for it to appear shorter. Be sure to not click too many times while you're using any click-pen type products.

Is Holika Holika stores selling the Gudetama series?
Not to my knowledge. The official website and fan page do not have any news about Gudetama series at the moment. It may or may not come to Malaysia. 

It says "Melting" Lip Button, will it melt if the surrounding temperature is too high?
Yes! This applicable to most of the lipsticks. Please do not "overcook" the lip button and store it at places with normal temperature. "Melting" lip button simple means it glides easily once it touches your skin.

Disclaimer: I purchased the product from the site. All opinions expressed are my own, which based on my personal experiences and preferences on the product. Results may vary on different person.

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